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Cure Sinus Infections

For instance, antibiotics are known to effectively fight bacteria along with many other chronic conditions. But sometimes it is possible to combat the pain even with some simple home remedies. Mentioned below are some proven homemade treatments that can work superbly to cure sinus infections. The main idea behind these treatments is to lessen excessive secretions, improve the flow rate of infected mucus and bring back normal breathing.

* Apply a hot compress – Place a hot compress, like a warm wet cloth or towel, over your face by applying slight pressure on the sinus region. Doing this would shrink blood vessels lining the nasal membrane that would further open up your blocked nasal passages.

* Steam therapy – Steam inhalation is a highly effective method used for relieving congested sinus and nasal cavities. This can be done many times in a day.

* Boost the immune system – There are certain foods, as well as supplements, which can significantly boost the immune system. Eating green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits also provides proper nourishment to the body. Besides, yogurt is also an excellent immune boosting ingredient. Also, as zinc is required in sufficient amount by immune cells in order to function properly, it is important to consume foods that are loaded with zinc, such as poultry, fish, red meat, legumes, dairy foods, nuts and cereal.

* Drink hot fluids – Drinking hot fluids, like vegetable soups, broths and herbal teas, many times in a day breaks up the infected mucus, so that it can be easily drained out. The hot and warm steam that generates out of these hot fluids soothes and relieves the sinus related headaches and many other symptoms of sinusitis. To increase the effect of this sinus treatment, drink the hot liquids immediately after taking a hot water shower.