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I May Try Some Coolsculpting

In fact I did not really know what this was until a few days ago, but I am going to see if it will solve this issue I have which mostly revolves around my vanity. I was talking to this girl at work and I pulled up my shirt to demonstrate the thing I meant. I had lost a bunch of weight to get ready for a beach vacation, but I did not look as good as I hoped. She told me about a place that does dermatology in Austin Texas which had one of these machines, or maybe two of them since she said that they put them on each side of your abdomen. This is called cool sculpting and the research that I have done makes it seem like it may achieve what I hope to achieve. The machine is suppose to freeze the fat inside you, although I sort of wonder what happens to it after this happens. Your body is around 98 degree Fahrenheit, so it obviously is not going to be a good place for frozen fat. I just have no clue how it goes out of your body.

At any rate it has taken me about a whole year to lose the amount of weight that I wanted to lose. It required a lot more effort than I was hoping in the beginning and basically I changed almost all of the aspects of my lifestyle. In fact I focused mostly on getting into better physical shape at the start, since it does not do a lot of good for you to overexert yourself and blow out a knee before you accomplish anything. That would be going backwards, since you would not be able to lose any weight while you were out of condition and stuck on the couch.