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Diet Helps Squash Migraines

Glutamate Inhibition

Glutamate is found in both epilepsy and migraine patients. Medications that work in epilepsy (anti-seizure drugs) also block glutamate production. These drugs have been used to treat migraines as well. Since about 500 BC, ketones have worked to help prevent seizures, but the ketogenic diet has only been popular for the last century.

Processed Food

I have said many times that processed foods are bad for you, especially if you suffer with migraine. “Food-like products” are filled with preservatives, chemicals, and other triggers that could be affecting your migraine symptoms. Any diet that removes those processed foods, including the ketogenic diet, would be a good step to controlling migraine symptoms.

Saturated Fats

Several studies have debunked the great saturated fat myth. There are plenty of saturated fats (and other healthy fats) in a ketogenic diet, which has been found to reduce bad cholesterol and help the body produce serotonin and vitamin D, both of which help prevent migraines.

Hunger vs. Weight Management

Hunger is a major migraine trigger, so is weight gain/obesity. Some studies have found that weight gain and/or obesity increases the risk of migraines by 81%. Ketones

Must know about Different Types of Headaches

Some pain arises simply through the process of contracting the common cold or flu. Whenever the body comes down with some sort of a head cold, it begins to produce excessive amounts of mucus in an attempt to catch the offending virus and drive it out of the affected area. When this fluid builds up within the sinus cavity, it exerts pressure elsewhere. Headaches are the usual result. Most men and women with colds simply choose to take some over-the-counter medication, rest as much as possible, and wait out the illness. There are specific medications, in fact, that are designed to attack and relieve sinus pressure.

People may also suffer from migraines, which are often mysterious in origin. Sometimes they come on suddenly, while other times they begin slowly and then rise to a thundering crescendo. People who suffer from regular migraines are often instructed to find a dark room in which to rest. A damp cloth may help as well. Though medical professionals suggest that altering one’s diet may decrease the frequency of some migraines, everyone is ultimately different in how they will react.

Especially sensitive people may also experience headaches that arise whenever the