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Regular STD Testing is the New Reality for Anyone Who’s Sexually Active

When someone who has been in a long-time committed relationship starts dating again, they are faced with the new reality. Has your potential new partner had std testing and can they prove it? It can be very awkward to ask, “Are you clean?” It’s even more awkward to ask to see a copy of the std test results.

Unfortunately, a verbal “yes” with no proof shouldn’t be good enough for anyone concerned about their own health. Too often, in the heat of the moment the question isn’t even asked.

The Unpleasant Truth

If you are sexually active and don’t take steps to protect yourself, the odds are very high that you’ll end up with either an STD (sexually transmitted disease) or STI (sexually transmitted infection). Use of a condom, checking on your partner’s health and regular STD testing are all crucial if you don’t want to find yourself dealing with an unpleasant, potentially chronic or even deadly health problem.

Older People Are Also at Risk

Older teens and young adults are the groups most at risk of contracting an STD. Being over 65 does not confer some magical immunity to STDs, however. In recent years, chlamydia infections increased by 31% for seniors and syphilis jumped up an alarming 52%. Older people might have never worried about getting an STD in their entire lives, but the same rules apply. Even people in nursing homes have been diagnosed with STDs.

A Few Alarming Statistics

The number of people newly infected with STDs is continuing to increase. The Centers for Disease Control is sponsoring a concerted effort to get people talking, tested and treated. After all, anyone’s who’s old enough to be sexually active is old enough to deal with STD risks responsibly.

  • Every year 1 in 4 teens will get an STD.
  • By the age of 25, 50% of sexually active individuals will have contracted an STD. If you’re in college or at a bar, take a look around – half of those healthy-looking men and women either have or had an STD.
  • Only 33% of U.S. doctors routinely screen patients for STD/STIs.

Safer STD Testing is the easy, confidential, no-doctor-referral way to be tested. Many insurance plans cover STD testing. Protect yourself, get tested every month and have the results within 3 days. This year 20 million people will be diagnosed with an STD. Don’t be one of them. Call 1-888-380-5571 today.